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Netease Entertainment reported on October 19 recently new owner , low-key contract with Sunrise ni contingent of international media best girlfriend She Manni with the latest MV Following the launch of the first branch Warm Heart of singles After a warm heart , child heart struck the the famous city folk singer Hao Yun Beats by Dre Tour, once again She Manni tailored child heart Masterpiece listeners’ ears beats by dre a tour.

many times your heart that he has left you very far black monster beats by dr. dre Beats By Dre Studio, perhaps not in the same space , you will miss him , I feel he has been in Thoughts began to spread best price beats by dre, the spread of the lonely stretches , I’m not alone new beats by dre solo hd, lonely , lonely accompany your shadow . Love sexual gratification and Sauvignon Blanc Shou is certainly the finest , but due to various reasons wesc bongo headphones, can not be together monster beats solo hd headphones, to share best feeling forever on a corner of my heart is happy . Lover live there to support their own reason to continue to be strong a better life in the heart newest beats by dr dre laptop beats by dre, and you can have a lot of power and courage


She Manni ‘s voice is like the winter warm milk beats by dre model number, pure top rated earphones Lamborghini Dre Beats, white professional dj headphones where to purchase beats by dre, beautiful . Combined She Manni warm heart singing voice senheiser headphones beats by dre st, heart , heart health sorrow and grief , regret every word into people’s hearts beats by dre quality, feelings of extreme delicate instantly tear . The movie of the same name Micro also show the mood of the song monster beats tour fake, I love you , you ‘ve been . pro beats by dr dre review….. The heroine She Manni lose the other half of the pain and regret , performance with great accuracy in the play limited edition monster beats, the heart extreme abuse .

She Manni warmth this fall sound accompany you get lonely drake beats headphones, to tell you , love has been superman beats.

( This article Source: Netease Entertainment )
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Shandong and Chen Shanni Waa Wei.Shandong receive a limited edition guitar headphone cable.Shandong and Waa Wei chorus.Netease Entertainment on October 13th reported Chen Shanni’s favorite “Shandong” October 12th in Taipei mansion the wall hold individual concert, concert was also held the press conference beats by dre solo hd review, Chen Shanni gave Shandong Limited “Hide Yellow Heart-Jr” electric guitar dre beats studio monster beats studio dre, really let Shandong surprise not to have!Chen Shanni very much hope that the music of Shandong road will be done well beats be dre, also hope that her album to all creation!.
Although the record industry rookie, but already on the network with high popularity!The scene full of fans, although Shandong is a “voice” free monster beats by dr dre, in order to save almost sounds tour beats by dre white one ear headphones, the day before even injection cold quickly good hope in the ear beats by dre.
Live a new song, and Shandong love song beats by dre pro detox fake vs real, because with the love of Chen Shanni wireless iphone headphones, Waa Wei two people chorus beats dr dre sale beats by dre purple headphones, Shandong concert also strained to insomnia review of beats by dre.Continuous first Shandong love song monster beat solo hd review Beats By Dre Lambrghini, Shandong station is the biggest applause, because she will ask the largest permanent guests heavyweight Chen Shanni cheap black beats by dre review of beats by dre solo hd Beats By Dre Pro, two people sang together “I love you John”.
Finally the Shandong singing her own lyrics written song “vibration” Bistro “and by the girl and the robots to write songs belkin headphone splitter justin bieber dr dre headphones beats dre detox, lyrics” My Woodstock Shandong “, show his is singer-songwriter side Beats By Dre Pink, the concert is in the audience of screaming fans be reluctant to part end.

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Oriental Daily News reported on October 15th according to Hongkong media reports, Cecilia Cheung and Han Jang Dong Gun new film has many erotic lens beats by dre pro problems how to get cheap beats by dre, with promotional photos online release, immediately someone locked therein a woman back naked stills monster controltalk, people is Cecilia Cheung Beats By Dre Solo HD, and there were many discussions.
, but does not rule out a “flow” material (false) may.As the mother of two of Cecilia Cheung in an interview said, often during the night secretly crying beats pro dr dre, the very next day pretending to be happy monster beats mixr, live back tears of bitterness cheap beats by dre wholesale.
In the new film “dangerous liaisons” in Cecilia Cheung and Jang Dong Gun have a lot of bold sexual scenes, circulated on the Internet yesterday (October 14th) two suspected Cecilia Cheung’s nude stills, in which a woman back naked as extremely sensitive beats by dre studio sale, and that man is Cecilia Cheung the man real beats by dre cheap.
Although the naked body and slim Cecilia Cheung some access beats by dre studio aluminum, and on the other upon the woman look see, contour and Cecilia Cheung and different myzone headphones, but netizens to Cecilia Cheung a half lying bed light lift legs stills as modelled with certainty, the nude for Cecilia Cheung himself.
But it had to watch a movie in the film Cecilia Cheung said Cheap beats by dre, no nude scenes, as to whether it can make nothing of it has been deleted.While the reporter contact the Cecilia Cheung manager, but no reply.
Accept access v. aspirations on the other hand, Cecilia Cheung earlier accept mainland media access xbox live headphones, visit she said she often have a night and steal the very next day yellow beats by dre, you pretend to be happy monster beats solo white, bitter days, Cecilia Cheung said: “although my outlook on life is’ the whole world can not beat you power beats dre, only you can defeat her, but I ‘many a time have a’ spend the evening cry for the very next day laugh ‘day, a lot of people or think I road is very hard, but I feel OK gaming headphones.
(do you still believe in love?The letter)!A letter!Never give up the love, I believe the true love is heaven arrangement, but also take some time to wait, I don’t want to love pink dre beats, is it right? There forever, if that would not ask will not last, ask the people would not believe.
“To the two little men tube Cecilia Cheung is threatened son all foot, but also expressed the need for a big man to take over her, she said: “on the surface as if I am strong, but I’m just a woman, it takes a big man to me, I love my man with me, you can’t do this, don’t do that, like he asked me where to go?With who?Because he love you will often ask you dr dre earphones, I enjoy this feeling!Now I am in two small men busy to dizziness, Quintus all day in the noisy: ‘mother, would you hold me!’Lucas wants to accompany him to see the cartoon, I tried to tell Quintus haircut beats by dre solo s, Lucas will ask: ‘mom you coming back cheap beats tour limited edition beats studios beats by dre, and my hair is like my brother’s hair.


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Information Times reported days after the October 15 monster beats studio, Britney Spears has been blasting net worth has reached 203 million yuan ( RMB) in the previous year swim headphones, and she In recent years beats by dre headphones on sale, then work to make her a net profit of 650 million monster dr dre, become a veritable Fupo beats by dre all.

Spears custody case astros headphones beast beats by dre best buy beats by dre tour studio monitor headphones pink beats by dre, court documents prior to exposure , exposed her net worth has accumulated more than 203 million yuan the previous year , but also part of the assets are not counted beats by dre in the ear, the last two years to open patrol sing monster beats music, the cumulative earned about 4.2 billion contract to become a singing reality show judges and steady bag of about 90 million yuan , the two become her main source of income . Even if the previous year to spend about $ 6 million for attorneys’ fees , and their children spent about $ 1 where to get beats by dre for cheap.8 million , but still left a lot of spending money .

to earn pours the Britney Spears recently coquettish coming out of Los Angeles to attend the tribute performances of late days after Whitney Houston . Britney carefully dressed the night any presided loving fiance arrived at the scene , put on a gray jumpsuit skirt costume blond long curly hair , is outside praising stylish yet elegant . The mood pretty explosive Britney Spears nights full field fly from time to time excited photographed beats by dr dre pro white. Came to speech tour beats by dre cheap, Britney Spears immediately clean up the mood , praising the music of Whitney is far-reaching influence on her beats dr dre review, also refers to two once moist

side of Britney Spears tribute to Whitney over her sister Jie Mi Lin ‘s daughter Maiti transfiguration Maiti Beats By Dre Spiderman, 4 -year-old where to get spiderman beats by dre Spiderman Beats by dre, recently participated in the School dressing party copy aunt Britney Spears 14 years ago in Maiti tied two braids dre outlet, wearing a white vest , plaid skirts and white knee socks , cute appearance best sport headphones beat headphone. It is reported that Giacometti ‘s mother Jie Mi Lin plans to return to pop music , to launch country album beats by dre tour colors.

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Beijing Evening News reported on October 19 yesterday , Leroy record company announced a high profile in Beijing : Bibi joining Leroy , 10 million in the company just got a $ 1 billion injection of funds created his own studio BeginsStudio Bibi noise reducing headphones iphone headphones.


weeks Bibi before signing singer Gold Typhoon Cheap beats by dre, last year ‘s gold medal gale major changes to our artists movements became the focus of concern to the industry . Present the results of Li Jian () has left beats by dr dre sales limited beats by dre monster beat head phones beats by dre studio hd. Yesterday, Bibi signing Leroy became the second left Gold Typhoon big singer .

weeks Bibi pay a lot for her to join Leroy monster beats us, Leroy wesc oboe headphones. Leroy record company owns Han Geng beats by dr dre solo hd red, Westlife , Huang Zhen ( ) , Alan Singer dr dre beats headphones sale stereo headphones, the Leroy mode investors beat headphone dre beats studios cheap where to find beats by dre, company management monster beats by dr. dre headphones, the singers are shareholders . It has been learned that the sign Bibi dre monster beats review, Leroy paid a large amount of money of 8 digits Pink Beats.

In fact cheap beats by dre earbuds, this is not the Zhou Bi Chang for the first time to become the boss before Bibi also founded the Tide brand clothing store . Nevertheless black on black beats by dre, the company still hopes Bibi to become a qualified manager headphones t shirt. Bibi received gifts yesterday beats by dr dre apple limited edition Beats By Dre Pro, is a Stanford Business School MBA program .

( This article Source: Beijing Evening News )